Everyday Korea by Matt Treager

As I'm nearing the end of a soft-relaunch of my website, thought I'd update with another new gallery. For those of you who have been wondering what I've been up to during my year-long stint in Korea, these photos will give you a little bit of an idea. We'll elaborate with stories on our personal blog too, but that's for later on...

Most of the photos were shot with my new Fuji X100s, a most generous wedding anniversary gift from my beloved wife. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite cameras to shoot. Seriously, if you're considering one, you won't regret it one bit.  

Go on, take a look at the photos here!



Joe Wirtheim by Matt Treager

As an effort to build my portfolio up with more portraits, I've been taking portraits of friends and acquaintances in my down time in Jeonju. I had been planning on taking an environmental portrait of Joe, owner and artist at Victory Gardens of Tomorrow. His work advocates for sustainable farming practices, such as urban gardening and locally grown produce. I got a fire put under my butt to get a shot sooner rather than later when he approached me about commissioning a piece to appear on the blog, as his work is being featured in an upcoming article. We found an urban garden in Jeonju (they're EVERYWHERE) and set to work. Here's some of the finals - enjoy!


The Taco Stand - Chung Yon Mu "Youth Market" - Nambu Market, Jeonju by Matt Treager

Celebrated Cinco de Mayo in true Korean fashion: by going to the only taco stand in Jeonju! Sacha, our ex-pat co-workers, and I visited a great little Mexican joint on the second floor of the Nambu Market, which is considered the "Youth Market". It was later explained to me that this special section of the market is a place for up-and-coming businesses with young owners. The set-up is just right for budding entrepreneurs to settle in and start a business, especially those who have less capital to open shop elsewhere. Also an excellent place for some photo shoots in the future, and maybe some mini-docs on local business owners...we shall see!

Perfect weather, good tacos, and good company - not much to complain about.