Miquel - Seoul, South Korea by Matt Treager

A recent portrait of Spanish national Miquel Rossello, founder of Somos Café. When his previous job as a Spanish teacher in Korea ended, Miquel started his own business and opened up Somos, a café and space in the Sinchon neighborhood of Seoul. Offering everything from Spanish lessons to dance parties, Miquel's ambition is to share his Spanish heritage and culture with Korea. 

Shot for Groove Magazine.


Grace - Itaewon, South Korea by Matt Treager

Another portrait from yesterday's shoot for Groove Magazine. Grace is a Korean national who spent her early childhood in Argentina, and in the past, worked for both the Mexican and Colombian embassies in South Korea. Meeting a Korean who can speak fluent Spanish was a unique experience, especially in a mostly mono-cultured country like South Korea.


Victory Garden of Tomorrow - Video Bio by Matt Treager

This past fall, I was commissioned by Joe Wirtheim of Victory Garden of Tomorrow to also create a short bio video to accompany the information on his website. Given the fact that we both were in Korea and not the US, it made for some interesting workarounds in the production. Despite the challenges, I think it turned out rather nicely. 

In his vintage propaganda style, Joe addresses the need for sustainable and healthy farming practices by designing products that inspire and give a call to action for a better tomorrow. Enjoy the video below!

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Client: Victory Garden of Tomorrow