Tony Passero - Teaser Trailer by Matt Treager

Last fall I started production on a personal doc following the prolific and talented artist, Tony Passero, whose work can be found all over the neighborhoods and parks of Chicago. Due to some delays and city bureaucracy, the doc had to be postponed and remains unfinished. But I pressed forward and cut a little teaser trailer for when it picks up again.

To learn more about Tony and his art, stay tuned or visit him here -

Music - Home by Dustin O'Halloran

Testing...testing...testing... by Matt Treager

Working on some slow motion tests for an upcoming doc series on athletes and their passion. This time my talent was the superb DJ Bennett, who's about to jet off to Australia to play some pro ball.

I didn't capture near enough footage in the time I had (that's why it's a test, right?), but thought I'd share a quick edit nonetheless. Enjoy!

Song: Ghostwriter - rjd2 (

The Coldies - "I Close My Eyes" Music Video by Matt Treager

Just finished up a music video project for Chicago punk band, The Coldies. A big thank you to all that participated in making it happen, and for the wonderful acting from the talented Matt O'Shea. 

Below first is the opening sequence with the audio we captured.

Hostage: Matt O’Shea

Director/Green Henchman: Dave Rentauskas

Producers: Grey House Productions (Hannah Fehrman & Sarah Derer)

DP/Editor: Matt Treager

1st AC: Beking Joassaint

Sound/Talent stand-in: Neal Bullock

Hair & Makeup: Karen Brody

PA/Blue Henchman: Brad Danner

Red Henchman: Nick Myers

Black Henchman: W.I. Rose