Bakken Outtake / by Matt Treager

I'm finally finding some time to put a few personal projects to bed. I've been sitting on these pictures from the Bakken for almost 3 years now... it's about time I get them out the door.

A quick outtake from an update to my project People of the Bakken, about the lives of the people living in the thick of one of the largest domestic oil booms in America. In the photo above, Brian Haugen's truck is pulled off to the side of the road, waiting for me to finish taking some photos. He and his wife Margie were instrumental in making this project happen, and showed me so much hospitality and warmth. I remember turning around to head back to the warmth of the truck, and was taken with the way it looked so solitary on the deserted road. It won't make the final cut, but wanted to share anyways. More updates to come (I promise for reals this time...)