Form Mount

Any stem. any computer. any position.

Project: Form Mount Kickstarter Video

Client: F3 Cycling

Creative Team: Mike Scalise & Matt Treager


A three to four minute film to raise funding for the production of the Form Mount cycling computer mount on Kickstarter. This doc style commercial film will highlight the innovative utility, detail-driven development, and beautiful design of the new Form Mount system. Through the use of cinematic visuals and storytelling, we will appeal to the discerning cyclist looking for the perfect computer mounting solution.

Credit: Omata Kickstarter Video

Credit: Omata Kickstarter Video


The Form Mount is a brilliant piece of art, and will innovate the way people mount their cycling computers to their bikes. Through its innovative design and attention to detail, it is evident that this product has been well thought out.

But how can we convince enough people that this is the exact solution they are looking for?

We need to emotionally connect the discerning cyclist to the product by correlating the simplicity of cycling to the simplicity of the Form Mount system. As one of the Omata founders said in their Kickstarter video, “I believe that everything on the bike should be as pure and beautiful as the ride and bike itself.”

This will be the mantra for the direction of our Kickstarter video.

Credit: Omata Kickstarter Video

Credit: Omata Kickstarter Video


  • Demonstrate the value of clean aesthetics.
  • Demonstrate that current cycling computer mount options aren’t cutting it.
  • Clearly articulate what Form Mount is, and demonstrate why Form Mount is the best and most customizable solution, especially for discerning cyclists.
  • Get backers excited to invest.


Our film’s script will follow this basic outline: 

Talk about how simplicity in design and function is important in the cycling community.
Set up the problem with computer mounts now, and the journey to discover something better.
Show all the development and thought that went into making this product so brilliantly functional, simple, and beautiful.
Show the culmination of all this development is Form Mount, and why it’s awesome. Demonstrate the features and benefits of Form Mount. How it works. Expand on the design rationale to demonstrate that this is a step above everything else.
Show the team involved in developing it, their expertise, and why this isn’t just a bunch of weekend warriors. This product will be made, not just promised.
Talk about how this isn’t just a launch of Form Mount, but a jumping off point for F3 cycling, a future innovator in the cycling accessory market with products made exclusively in the USA.
Close with the direct to camera appeal to Kickstarter backers. This thing is ready to go - all we need is you.


This film will be shot and edited in a polished documentary commercial style. The feeling of the video will be less corporate, and more cinematic. We will be following around the founders of Form Mount, from their cycling passions to the development of the product.

The footage in the film will be a mixture of outdoor shots of various cycling disciplines, where we will set up several "scenes" for different types of bikers - road, cyclocross, MTB, and a commuter to demonstrate the wide appeal for all types of cyclists. There will be an emphasis on Tim and road cycling, and his affinity for clean and thoughtful design in cycling, especially in the beginning of the film.

"Production and development” footage of the mount will also be captured at PDT and 3R Plastics. These shots will highlight the details and process it took to develop the product, and demonstrate the great detail and thought that went into making this product. Casual/conversational style interviews will be conducted with Tim and Frank. Product photography and motion graphics will be used to demonstrate the various configurations of the mount.

The film’s spoken content played overtop footage will consist largely of VO from interviews telling the story of how & why Form Mount came into existence, as well as the details about the product. This VO will be taken from the interviews with both Tim and Frank, and not scripted (with the exception of the call to action at the end). We will also do a quick man on the street testimonial with Vince from Village CycleSport.



The style of the film will be less corporate, and more polished commercial/documentary style. Shots will be handheld, organic, and dynamic. 

Framing will often be tight on people, places, and objects. Footage will be captured in a way to allow for maximum coverage of the scene unfolding - wide establishing, medium and tight inserts, and details to give a dynamic visual experience.

The use of slow motion will be situationally dependent, but will play a heavy role in the footage we capture. This will allow for a more meditative feel to the footage, and allow the visuals and VO to sink in.


  • Cycling footage, 3R Plastics, and Vince interview will be captured in one production day. The other production day will be spent at PDT, shooting interviews and R&D footage.
  • Road cycling shots will be shot mostly from a chase mini-van. We will need a driver, and ideally a second person to help out in the van as needed. Other cycling scenarios will likely be stationary.
  • All road cyclists should bring team kit, as well as everyday kit. Tops really would be the biggest thing to change if we need to - add variety.
  • Frank to wear baggies and more casual MTB clothing. Tim will wear kit while MTB.
  • For commuter scenario, please bring lights, cupholders, other accessories for the commuter shots if you have them. We can show an example handlebar in a shot.
  • We should make sure to pack water/snacks for the cycling sections.


>>>For the most current schedule, please check your email.


Once principal photography has wrapped, final product photos will be delivered to Matt for use in the video. Post-production will begin immediately, with a first look expected to be delivered late August. The first edit sent will be strictly VO content, to revise and approve the story and flow of the final video. Once VO content is approved in the first round of revisions, b-roll will be overlaid and a rough cut will be made.

The second round of revisions on the rough cut will take place, with input from the F3 Cycling team. Once edits are made, color grading and audio mastering will take place. Final cut will have an expected delivery of 1 week after rough cut approval.